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Welcome to the A Kid's World Parents as Partners™ Preschool Curriculum Website

Our curriculum provides core academics such as language, math, science and art, however, the foundation of our curriculum centers around the development of the child's emotional intelligence; providing children with a social education that emphasizes self discipline and emotional control. We understand academics are important. We also understand that well adjusted children thrive in challenging academic environments.

Our curriculum also considers child discipline. Research has proven that discipline approaches that use punishment as a sole method of discipline are not only ineffective but harmful to the emotional well being of children. In fact, emotional harm from punitive approaches to discipline hinders a child's academic success.

Our program takes a preventative approach to discipline by developing the child's emotional intelligence. In addition to traditional character education, we provide DAILY lessons that teach children how to identify and regulate their emotions. Self calming techniques are also taught so that in time, children are able to move through discouraging situations and focus on positive aspects of their day.

Our program partners with parents in an effort to provide a curriculum that teaches the whole child. We partner with parents by providing support and an effective means of communication that helps facilitate consistency between home and school.

Our goal is to provide children with a self, social and emotional education, giving children the tools needed to develop the self discipline and self confidence so they can get the most out of their education.

We are not traditional in our approach to education. Our curriculum uses the latest research, providing innovative, hands on learning opportunities to children.

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